So i wrote this epic post and then the stupid french keyboard screwed up and all was lost… I was told by my environment tech trainer that life without problems is not life, so i will run with that.

I have moved into my villlage near Andapa in the North of the Island. I will be working with a community there and with a local reserve. They far, a lot of rice in the area so i will probably do some SRI work along with other community projects.

I love it here so far. It rains quite a bit, but isn’t unpleasant and the nights get kind of cold, which i like. I am in this giant basin of rice fields surrounded by beautiful green mountains, so life somtimes seems like i am in a bucket or a snowglobe and someone shakes the globe in the morning and it rains and then things settle in the afternoon.

I have a great wooden two story house, with two rooms. I share it with the local spiders, frogs, lizards, bees and mice. They are not too bad though. I do get an occasional snake in my kabone which is not always welcomed.

Cooking for every meal is a real effort, but i am coming around. I ,iss sandwhiches the most, but ,aybe a 2 year break is good.

Internet is expensive and slow so the blog will be monthly from now on. gmail is quicker so email me as always with any questions. I can send you my address by request as gmail doesnt want me to use the group function.

For the first three months I am just trying to learn Tsimihety dialect and meet the people. learn about their lives and what they do well, what they need, and what i can realistically provide for them. So it is all work and all play for the moment.

I have met a few high school students and i think they will really help with me learning the language.

as for now, just soaking it up and loving every moment.