So, two good things happened to day, both of equal importance depending on what time it is, my surroundings and the situation.

1. My shift keys have been working on and off lately. I didn’t realize how often I really used the shift key until it’s missing.

2.  We had our swearing in ceremony today and I am officially a volunteer! So no matter what happens at this point, I can say that I was/am a volunteer in Madagascar.

Other than that, things are the normal unknown chaos that I’ve grown to love. I’m never worried about what is happening tomorrow, because things change every 5 minutes. I move to my site this week, but who knows what stuff I should get in Tana and what I really can get at site.

I just have to survive three months and then we have In Service Training which will allow me to patch up any problem areas.

Miss you all and I love all of the facebook comments and emails!