hey everybody! my shift keys are not working on my laptop at the moment so the rest of this post is going to be in lower case because i don’t want to deal with solving the problem at the moment.

i passed my language test and all of the other training requirements and we have our swearing in ceremony tomorrow. i’m really going to miss my malagasy family, especially because they provided me with meals three times a day.

we leave to the north on wednesday and i should be in my house at site around saturday or sunday. so hopefully i will be able to see the other two sites of the volunteers who are being installed with me.

keep you posted as things come along. i think most of the jokes that go on during training wouldn’t make sense to anyone back home because we’ve been in a close group for two months and have inside jokes. that being said, i’m sure once i’m at site i will have plenty of fun stories of my stuggles and confusions ;]