hey all,

let me start with the administrative bullshit that i forgot the first time and just make it clear that whatever I write on this blog are not the views of the Peace Corps.

Now to the good stuff. This is the first time that I’ve had internet this whole time, but things should improve once I’m on site. I’ll give specific site information through email, because I don’t think I can legally blog it. I’m going to the North though, and the site seems very cool. I should be working with rice farming and maybe a little ecotourism.

Right now I’m with a host family and doing the whole training thing. I have two sisters (my age) two nephews and then a mom and a dad. I have my own little room and the house doesn’t have electricity or running water. However, I’m loving every second of it.  I even slaughtered a chicken a few weeks ago, so I feel like things are moving quite quickly 🙂

Malagasy has 17 different dialects, and I’m learning Sakalava at the moment. My language is progressing quite well, although I still feel like I can’t really say anything.

I didn’t really plan on having internet today, so i’ll think more about the next blog post before it happens. Hopefully by then I’ll be an actual volunteer and not just a trainee!

My phone # is on my facebook if you have any interest in texting me. I think it’s around a 10 hour time difference.

Keep you posted when I can!